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Dummy/lockdown mode (and possibly multi-language menu's)


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"Dummy mode" or "Lockdown mode". This is a suggestion by people that has been floating around for some time now. The idea being to allow the user to "Lockdown" certain options to keep newbs (typically kids) from screwing certain settings up.


An example would be..


Main Menu:

Select from Favorites

Select Game

Skin Configuration



Return to Launcher


Now if we limit the "Lockdown" to the above mentioned (faded) menu options that would pretty much be a cinch to do.


The other half of "Lockdown" mode would be to "Disable UI Mappings". Many people like me are constantly annoyed by accidently "triggering" certain functions (like filters) while in a heated fast paced game.


Having a "clear all UI mappings" option with the exception of keypad, keyboard, and "in game menu" seems to be the one all involved in the discussion seem to like. Or it could be just simply turned into a "Disable all UI mappings" to "temporarily" disable those options. Then if the user wishes they could "Enable the UI mappings".


Here is a post I made recently because another request was possibly adding multi-language menu's.


In regards to "Dummy mode" or "Lockdown mode". I've been thinking about it and the more I think the more it seems that this could easily be tied into an "Alternate Languages" functionality.


I'm referring to the "Disable certain menu options" part not the "Disable UI Mappings" part.


I'll probably start of with the "Main Menu" as a test bed and then work thru the rest.


Chances are the alternate languages will be in a seperate file that the emulator reads from. The format may be something like


; Main Menu options

; "Select Game From Favorites"

Choisissez le jeu à partir des favoris

; "Select Game"

Choisissez le jeu


No that is not my horrible french translation, it's Yahoo Babel Fish! I figured we could rely on our resident skin creator for a proper french translation.


I'll probably create a thread for discussion of these/this particular feature(s).


One other thing that would be needed is a method of "activating" the menu half of the lockdown mode. Right now the concensus seems to be to have the user manually "add" an entry into the configuration.ini file.

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