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The media browser..


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This is a new feature we currently were looking to add. It get's it's inspiration from the ability to view documentation in .jpg form in zsnesxbox and we kinda extended out on that idea. Basically it will replace the "View text file" function and go something like this. (other menu options removed for simplicity).




---->Media Browser

---->---->View Game Manual

---->---->View Game FAQ'S

---->---->View TV Commercials

---->---->VIew Text File


Each option would basically dump the user into the directories reserved for the above items. If the user happened to be in a game the emu would attempt to have any file with the same name as the game being played already highlighted.


Possibilities for directory structure.. Whatever directory the user sets to default. Lets pretend it's "E:\Xtras", recognize that? ;) Here are the two currently suggested layouts..


Example 1:




F:\Xtras\Game Faqs\ADAM

F:\Xtras\Game Faqs\NES

F:\Xtras\Game Manuals\ADAM

F:\Xtras\Game Manuals\NES



F:\Xtras\Video Previews\ADAM

F:\Xtras\Video Previews\NES


Example 2:


F:\Xtras\ADAM\Game Faqs

F:\Xtras\ADAM\Game Manuals


F:\Xtras\ADAM\Video Previews


F:\Xtras\NES\Game Faqs

F:\Xtras\NES\Game Manuals


F:\Xtras\NES\Video Previews


A framework for this is already built into the current betas. The current "portal" is the "View text files" menu which just dumps the user to wherever the user defined "TXT file directory" is located.


When using the "text file viewer" you will get the following results..


Viewing an .xmv file will show the movie full screen.


.jpg and .png will show the image. If the image is larger than the screen size it will just stretch out the picture to it's full size. Otherwise it stretches it to full screen (like the screenshot viewer). The assumption is that if the user is viewing a hi-res scan they want it full size anyways. Left analog moves picture up/down right/left. Right analog "stretches" the image more (like Snes9x does?). Y does nothing since this is not considered part of the "view media" functionality at the moment.


Everything else is assumed to be a text file and is sent to the default text file viewer.


Screenshot browser still acts as it used to ( picture is displayed full screen, no movement or sizing allowed, Y to delete the picture ).


I've thought about reversing the up/down controls since they feel odd..

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