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What PS3 games are you currently playing?


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I've been playing Drakengard 3, just hit the collecting wall before branch D (very annoying requirement there- if you need to pad out the game add some more accord missions or something!)


Out of curiosity- for those who've played it, did you experience any graphical issues? Mine has a tendency to exhibit screen-tearing, incredible framerate drops (like, turns into a slideshow level of drops), camera getting stuck in odd places- that kind of thing. My disc sadly has a couple pinholes in it, so I can't figure out if this is the disc dying, my system needing a clean, or just how the game is. I've love some input!

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Just played Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection last night. I was in the mood for some Sonic the Hedgehog 1. My kids were telling me to go fast but I told them about stuff you miss when you fly through it.  They had no idea there was more stuff below the surface of level 1.


I got to Marble Zone before I had to stop to do stuff. The background reminded me of Altered Beast, so after I was done with the "to do" list I fired that up. I played to the third level boss then died. 


I never noticed before the sound quality kinda lacking on this collection.  I kinda yearn for the real deal but I *really* don't wanna go down that rabbit hole again. I'm already loving playing NES and N64 on a tube TV, I don't need more hardware.


(Or...do I....?)



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I've been playing Doom, Doom II, and Gran Turismo 5. Unfortunately though, recently the controller is going weird when I try to play the Doom games, it's as though it's pressing the buttons itself. So frustrating when the weapons keep switching and firing on their own, and the map randomly comes up on the screen when I don't want it to come up.

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