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New England game stores and important places

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I'm looking for shops around the North Shore area of Boston who still sell Atari games - 2600, Jaguar, etc. I heard of a place in Salem but can't find them on the web. Anyone know?





I just found this place in NH. They are 45 mins away from me, it might be worth the trip, looks like a nice little place. :)




yeah I go in every chance I get ... about 45 minutes from me as well ... I got a buddy that lives around the corner though ...


they got a lotta stuff & worth the trip ... sometimes I walk out empty handed though if I "just ain't feeling it"


BullMoose Music is in Salem NH guessing 15 minutes away & "Core Gaming" is up the road from them think Core Gaming is closed on Mondays ... no atari 2600 stuff last visit but plenty of other



just wanted to tell you about the one in salem it's called GameZone it's at 270 essex street salem,ma, there phone number is 978-744-2630 they have a good amount of retro games and good priceing.

this is the one in Salem Ma. prices on loose atari carts was high I thought but found a boxed treasure none-the less


they have a clearly stated return policy that seems over the top ... but can only imagine they may have gotten burned before it was in place .... I hadn't met the owner but saw some good reviews about him.

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Raynham flea flea market has 2 or 3 stalls to check out. The best cleans and tests. They should be trusted a lot more than the others. They even have a cool name: MR. 80'S. Another has 2 big buckets of atari games for 1-3 dollars each, but there aren't any extremely rare games. At another, they sell a little more 3rd party games than the rest.


Sudden impact, as mentioned before, is pricier than eBay, but has things that others don't.

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