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Anyone heard of GameX yet?


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Wow. I knew something about a new game convention sounded familiar as well as the loctation of the "Philadelphia Expo Center" in Oaks PA. This btw was the "Valley Forge" Expo Center that used to house Philly Classic.

There was a show in Reading that we attended - Too Many Games, that Chuck Whitby and 3 or 4 other guys put on every year. The Email invitation I got on the 14th of May or so was because Chuck had taken time off and they renamed that show "Game Core". Their show will be on Saturday September 12th.

So, apparently now we have 3 different video game shows in the Philly area 2 of which are weeks apart at the same location. :?

With the newest development, I'm not sure what the old TMG guys are going to do with the newest show info but of the 3, I'll support their show first since they were really nice to me and Bean and they definitely were an "old school" small affair without mega sponsors.

So, we'll see what develops.

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