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i (2k game)

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In case you don't read my blog, I've been working on a 2k 2600 game called "i" in which you are a lowercase i and you use your dot to slay the other vowels coming your way. Just thought I'd share this little game with you. Haven't decided whether to put it in the Minigame Compo or not.


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It's already better... but to be honest, it's also a bit frustrating because the opponent letter moves around without stopping, which makes aiming more difficult than it should be. Also, perhaps the enemy should shoot back at you, from time to time, for more variation?

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The shooting is better now but IMO the shooting sound is quite annoying. I think it shouldn't play the whole time the dot flies over the screen, just a short shooting sound after firing would be better.

Made the shooting sound shorter.


Any other suggestions, anyone?



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