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Atari music video


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does any one own a Atari video music box?I need to replace the power supply plug on mine.It has a built in transformer in the plug.Any information would be helpfull.For those that have never heard of it,it was built in the 1970s,it would have a input for audio and a out put that would put alternating images on your tv screen that would flash with your music.Almost like the 3-channel light organ.

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I think the video music deserves a trip to an electronics repair place.

Get them to mount a jack in the back of the chassis to accept a common adapter with the proper voltage/wattage etc.


I'd say it's worth the money. Shouldn't be any more than $50 to do, but get a quote first of course.

That is, if you cannot do it yourself.


Got the same problem here, a broken wire that I rejoined and used heat shrink. I want to get the mod done.

I "can" do it myself but my soldering skills are better suited to making pizza or throwing rocks! LOL!

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What sort of information are you needing? Do you just need a whole new cord power cable, etc, or what? I have a working one, but would be hesitant to rip it open (especially since I just got it! :) )

Do not open up your system.They are very rare.If you just got yours,was it on ebay?I bid on one there but got out bid.Your plug on the power cord should be sorta flat.Is there any information on it ?I have downloaded theschematic

from atari museum.It is just not clear enough to read.Thanks for your reply and have a grat day.

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they're not that rare ... just hard to get in good shape with all buttons intact ....


and they're easy to open ... but i'd be carefull with soldering. if you're not experienced with it, then let someone from a shop do the job ...


or just buy a new power unit, slip the cable through the back of the box, make a knot and just fix the new cable onto the old one ...

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