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2600 Moon Patrol -Arcade


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What I hate the most is when someone quotes an entire screen-filling previous post, then doesn't add anything, or only adds a line or two. If you accidentally sent before adding your response, that's what the edit button is for! Also, please trim the quoted part down to only the point that you're replying to... if someone doesn't get enough context from that, he can always scroll or page back to see the full original message. If you keep the original quote header intact, it even provides a link back to the quoted message (the little left-arrow in the blue circle).

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This hack accomplished so much of what I wanted to see in the 2600 Moon Patrol. I've been playing with Hack-O-Matic lately after playing with Fast Eddie for the Bubsy conversion.


All started with looking at the Moon Patrol page, and then I saw Moon Patrol+ which was awesome. I started hacking Moon Patrol+


And I came up with this interpretation...

MP DC_640x416_MP4.mp4





ARCADE post-4709-0-54095700-1511577165.png


ARCADE post-4709-0-85138200-1511577180.png


ARCADE post-4709-0-15177400-1511659524.png


ARCADE post-4709-0-39389400-1511659649.png



MoonPatrol_DC Bigger 2.bin




MoonPatrol_DC Bigger 3.bin

MoonPatrol_DC Bigger 3 E.bin Same as above but with modified explosion of buggy




All these naturally look better in motion (which is why I made the video) ;) I also realize the buggy has six tires but went with four for better animation for the rolling wheels.


Between all the versions listed above I believe we are so close to the changes I'd like to see. For me, changes in background, the traditional Moon Patrol with Williams logo, better explosion of the buggy, and the buggy and aliens are personal preference.


But is there any way to add more than one color to the buggy and aliens? I would love to see some blue at the top of the yellow saucer. A flash of red on the lower part of the other saucer. And black tires on the buggy at least.


In some sprite editing (like in Fast Eddie) the character had color defined per line of the sprites, but is this simply a case of the character just having one color assigned overall?


REALLY enjoyed all I saw with Moon Patrol+ and this hack though. Great work!


[i started this message on November 23rd, why am I still able to edit this message on December 10th? Whatever the reason, been great to be able to compile all changes on this message.] - Doctor Clu

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Awesome. Yeh I made DC Bigger to make the bugger thicker and easier to see on the AFP. Also I thought it made it look better so DC Bigger (Buggy) is the newer version.


(And as a reminder, I only changed the buggy and enemy sprites of the hack of this thread for my interpretation of arcade Moon Patrol.)




(Added a few days later....)(Weird that I can edit a message a few days later here.)


I've made a few variations of the buggy design. Dunno, having fun with it. So check out the message above.


Also you know what this game needs? The looping music that Moon Patrol had.

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The bugger-sprite really looks very good now, doctorclu. Good work. I like your normal version better than your "bigger" sprite version, by the way.


The rolling wheels of your new sprites are great and brings the whole game really closer to the arcade versions. I have often played the arcade-version as a kid and in my head, i connect this game with the gameplay and also with the rolling wheels and the moving axis of the player-sprite. And this was missed in the normal Atari2600 versions, because it looks more like the player-sprite is running instead of driving. Therefore this is a good update here.


And as an european user is must ask this - how about a PAL60 version of your hack (version with your normal new sprite not the bigger one)?


The original Atari2600 PAL-version of "Moon Patrol" has a really strange colorpalette. The colors of the mountains and the ground are vice-versa to the original NTSC-version. In the normal PAL-version you have a blue ground and green mountains in the background? Strange! What goes wrong here with the developers of the PAL-version back in the days? *lol*


So, a good PAL60 version of your hack would be great in two ways. (1) then there would exist a PAL-version with good colors and (2) this version then would also have the better sprites included. :)

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On the topic of the Pal 60: Not sure. Upload a copy of the Pal 60 version and I will make comparisons.


So you like the non-bigger version? Interesting. Size wise it takes up a similar ratio of the screen as the arcade, but not being as thick it would seem more long and sleek and the other version more stubby. Ok, can see why you like it.


Moon Patrol was made by two things: 1) moving buggy tires 2) music with the rolling wheels.

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Upload a copy of the Pal 60 version and I will make comparisons.



Not sure, if i understand what you mean by this? When there don`t exist a PAL60-version of the game until now, how should i upload it? There is only the original PAL50-version at the moment. But the colors are not adapted good.


For a PAL60 version, normally your NTSC-rom can be used like it is and only the colorpalette needs to be adjusted to PAL. PAL60 roms plays with 60FPS like NTSC roms, so there is no other thing to do here. Game then has same screensize and plays with same speed on PAL-consoles (if the TV can do PAL60, but nearly all european TV`s can).


For the color-adaption, here are two good sites with comparison-tables:





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So first off, not sure about how to make a Pal version, but would like to do this when I know more.


Happy to say the background music is already on Moon Patrol. No, I did not know this. :P






Tonight I played with the explosions of the buggy...

MoonPatrol_DC Bigger 3 E.bin


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I played with this as my fun go to game. Again, kudos to espire8 who helped me *aspire* to help towards making this more and more arcade like.


Was having fun with the four rolling wheels back in December, and over time I have tried to line up three wheels on one side for six wheels like the arcade. Hard to do with eight pixels in width.


Then I saw this screen shot of the arcade buggy:



Realized I could offset the middle tire from the front and rear tires.


And so this was created: Purple Buggy

MoonPatrol_DC 3Wg.bin


And this version created since I want black tires, not purple ones, sooo....


MoonPatrol_DC 3Wg2.bin


(Black buggy version awarded 2nd place in the Best Game Hack 2018) - 23 Feb 2018






Where was the color code for the buggy? (on the arcade version it was 56, I changed it to 00



Really wish to have the purple upper body and black tires, but otherwise I think this is one step closer to looking like the arcade.

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