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100 days and counting

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Hello Everyone,


we're now close to the 100 day mark before our show starts, you'll be seeing a lot more info about our show as each day passes. info about vendors, contests and prizes, and exclusive show releases and much more! we all have been working hard to make this years show the best ever.


for those of you that are thinking about being a vendor at our show, I would not wait too long, we have limited space this year and spots are filling up fast!


don't forget to order your tickets in advance so you get into our show 1 hour early (9AM) you can order them here: http://www.retrogamingexpo.com/admission.php


one of the newest additions to our show is Leeni, after seeing her on northwest cable news, I thought she would fit in perfect for our show. be sure to check out her website, love the way it's set up! I'm a huge space invaders fan. :)





Chiptune Artist Leeni To Perform at PRGE


We are proud to welcome 8-Bit performer Leeni to the Expo! She is bringing her unique style of chiptune music down from Seattle for one show only so be sure to stick around for her 5:00 PM performance.


"Leeni's music takes you into another dimension, perhaps one with only two dimensions, depending where your video nostalgia begins and the real world ends. Leeni's 8-bit world is so believable that you'd swear you were listening to Princess Peach crooning into a 4-track and awaiting the valiant Mario and Luigi."

Chris Brunelle, Impose Magazine


"Leeni is constantly pushing, morphing, recreating herself and her sound. This metamorphosis brought her to the discovery of 8-bit music, a largely untapped resource on the brink of commercial stardom. 8-bit music captures an off-beat, nostalgic sound that is easy to embrace. It's a new genre, an innovative cutting edge sound with a fresh, fun perspective."

Excerpt from Leeni's CD Baby description


Go to www.Leeni.us

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