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CD Encryption via Skunkboard


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Hey folks!


I just had an idea. As sending data is much easier and more relieable using the skunkboard, wouldn't it be a great idea to port over the cd encryption tools to use the skunkboard?

Afterall usb data transfer is much more relieable and comfortable than using the parallel port or serial link as current tools require it.

So this is just a suggestion to somebody who has a bit of experience with the skunkboard and cd encryption code already. :-)

Maybe Matthias BJL based cd encryption can be adapted?


Regards, Lars.

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Actually, what I've thought about is this, CD emulation.


Take the CD bios, source here...





And work that as a process to channel the USB ports on the Skunkboard back to the host computer, reading from a CD rom image rather than a CD rom player.


Into the CD Bios source add the encryption into it if you want. :)

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