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Wasp! preorder list - CLOSED


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Be part of history and own the first 7800 arcade game written in "C"!




*The game will auto detect NTSC and PAL machines.


This is the preorder list for a batch of standard edition Wasp! carts. I'll limit it to 20 for now, but there may be more available if demand requires it.


The cart will be $30 (including free delivery to the UK only). Postage to the US and Europe will be extra and posting in a box and/or with tracking will be extra on top of that too. I'll update the thread with postage prices when I get to the Post Office next week.


I will not be accepting any money until the carts are in my hands and ready to ship. Payment will be via PayPal.


Those on the list (in no particular order) so far are :-


1. atarian63

2. Captain Beard

3. edweird13

4. [d2f]Iggy*SJB

5. phaxda

6. tjb

7. sciarpo

8. atarinut76

9. Mitch

10. remowilliams

11. _Fandal_

12. shadow460

13. Waggie

14. keitaro

15. cvga

16. gambler172

17. the.golden.ax

18. GaryH917

19. tremoloman2006

20. Jobf

21. Marc Oberhäuser

22. neotokeo2001

23. HammR25

24. thursday83

25. r_type2600

26. ckirkman

27. lucifershalo

28. Nognir

29. chickybaby

30. ElvisAtari

31. Lord Thag

32. krupkaj

33. legeek

34. chuys450

35. swlovinist

36. Lynxman

37. dragos

38. MopedFreak

39. ziggystar

40. dalder


*the number next to your name doesn't mean anything.


The cut off date for this batch will be Wednesday 24th of June.


I don't know if another batch will be made.


EDIT: 30/06/09 Added to the preorder list

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Will there be another edition? If so, I may wait. If not, I'm interested.

Good question. It boils down to how popular this batch is ;-). The maximum isn't fixed at 20 and could increase. I've never released a cart myself before so I was being ultra conservative in numbers.

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Is there a playable demo anywhere?

Theres an emulator only demo here. The latest version (not yet available) has been tested on real NTSC and PAL machines and works fine. The only differences between the emulator version and the lastest cart binary image are colour changes and main character animation speeds.

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