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Bitmap kernel


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I'm using Mac OS X on a PPC machine, so I don't think Visual bB is an option, alas. As for my environment variables, it wouldn't surprise me if they're off in some way, as I really have no idea what I'm doing! I just "export bB=$HOME/bB" and "export PATH=$PATH:$bB" and hope for the best. When I compile a file, I drag the file itself into the Terminal and it supplies the full path (including escape characters for spaces and such), but I guess in this case that's a problem.


(Come to think of it, I'm not 100% sure I've ever been able to compile a .bas file that wasn't in my bB folder, though I think I've compiled ones that are in subfolders inside...)

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Okay, here's a demo of the bitmap kernel I've been working on for batari Basic.The final kernel will be in an include file-- probably named "bitmap_kernel.asm" or something like that, and it will either have a header file to go with it, or the RAM variables will be defined within the kernel.The kernel isn't designed to take advantage of bankswitching (at least not yet), since the data needs to be in the same bank as the bitmap kernel. I may see if I can load the code for the active lines into zero-page RAM (if they'll fit and still leave enough room for other RAM usage), so that the kernel can display bitmaps stored in other banks-- but no promises about that.


Any progress with any of that? This project looks really good so far, and it would be especially useful if it could be in any bank. What if the code were loaded into superchip ram? Would it be possible to create a version with no flicker?

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This one fixes a few other bugs I found. I also tried to speed it up a bit more. Animated GIFs that are sized to be 32x32 should be pretty quick to render now.




I can't get this one to work; When I click "create bas" i get an error and it closes.

It works for me, but I did notice that my latest build is a bit faster so try this one. If this doesn't work perhaps it's the specific image you're using? In which case, PM it to me so I can see why it doesn't work.




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This is great, guys. Big thanks to Michael and Jeff! :cool: :thumbsup:


Here's my contribution. It's the beginnings of a potential title screen for Circus Galacticus. One thing I did different was to self-contain the asm subroutines within a batari loop, so I could more easily make color changes on every frame.


WARNING: This binary is a tad psychedelic, so if you are prone to seizures you might not want to check it out. :P






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I made this.. now if only I could figure out how to get it to work in my game without having compiling issues.. by itself I get it to work fine.


If I could get this to work with two sprites moving on the screen at the same time that would be great.. otherwise maybe I'll use this first as a "splash" screen, then it'll go into my title screen that says Skull Island.



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