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Lynx HSC: Solitaire - Atari Lynx 20 years anniversary game


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Time to fill in the "Hall of fame" section to the Solitaire cart.


There is 6 different "Hall of fame" screens (Klondike, Klondike 3, Freecell, Spider easy, Spider medium, Spider hard).


The higher score the better game.


The game binary is here: solitaire-2009-08-27.zip


You can play this game on a real Lynx using the flash cart, burn it on a 256k EPROM or just play it in Handy.


High scores can be posted to the thread like this:



The best players and high scores will be programmed into the binary that is released on Tuesday 1st of September, 2009.


Enjoy, and may luck be with you.

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Awesome!! Always wanted to be part of a lynx game :) here's my first highscore.. I'm not familiar with the other games... yet! Will keep you posted.




I'm Jabba ofcourse :P...


PS. How can I obtain a cartridge for this game?

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I'm playing on real hardware, so these pictures are not good...




Klondike - That's Smeg at 517. I am also Randy at 508.




Klondike three - Randy at 684.




Spider Easy - Smeg at 133.


If you only want me under one name for the high scores, please use Smeg.




I mean Smeg

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I'll keep trying for better scores. But here at least one for Klondike (Not Klondike 3):

(Probably one of the best games of Solitaire I have ever had!)




(Thanks for adding the extra letter for the High Score names! I like seeing my full Middle name there!)


Thanks. You are getting awfully close to my high score.




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Great idea this competition Karri it allowed me to begin really to play your game and I like it!

First time I found the graphics ugly but by playing a little things becomes much easier and I really take some pleasure to play with this cartridge now.

And the jukebox what really excellent idea! You are really a big programmer!


Here is my small contribution to the high score:

(The spider hard is really too hard even on that of window I have never managed to make it)








About spider medium i have make a strange score : 1 ? I don't now if it is normal.





And i love that :P :


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About spider medium i have make a strange score : 1 ? I don't now if it is normal.


Thank you for the nice comments Rygar.


Your score of 1 is not normal. I found a bug in the scoring logic. It is fixed in this release.




Please use this version for better scores.




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Thank you for playing Solitaire.


The final Hall of fame is here!









Or if you still want to enter to the hall of fame I just might squeeze in your results later tonight ;)

The deadline of Solitaire is 1st of September (New Zealand time +12 UTC). So we got about 4 hours 30 minutes to go.


Long live the Lynx

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My score for Spider Easy is so pitiful. LOL

I just learned to play it last night. But it was fun!


I tried to catch Rygar's score in Klondike last night. I just could not top it. I should have played Klondike 3 more to get a better score. I did play it for 2 straight days and only beat it once (which is my score). And then I tried spider for about 5 hands last night. I wasn't all that great at that game.


That was lots of fun!

Now... where's Rygar's tourney for the special games?

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