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abc2cvm 0.10 released (bringing even more music to the CV)


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When looking for music for an upcoming shunting puzzle game I came across a dozen suitable tunes in abc format. However two of them used some of the more oscure features of the abc format, that were not supported by abc2cvm.

So I updated abc2cvm to support them and release an new version so that all users can profit from the improvements.


abc2cvm 0.9 can be downloaded at



List of changes since 0.8:


-Ignore X header when not using -X option.

-Added support for O header.

-Added support for A header.

-Added support for ! line breaks.

-Detect missing default note length error.

-Support for keys for some dorian scales (B Dor, E Dor, A Dor, D Dor, F Dor, C Dor, G Dor).

-Added support for setting default note length from M header.



Unfortunately two bugs were introduced in 0.9. They're fixed in 0.10, available at the same place.


List of changes since 0.9:

-Fixed source path in configure.in.

-Fixed note length bug in common and cut time metrum specifications.



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