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Eurocon 2010 in Manchester

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Update: a third of the tickets have gone already. A list of attendees is now on the Eurocon website.


I'm going to be selling tickets at some upcoming events:


Retro Rewind, Sheffield, England - 10th & 11th April

Retroboerse, Bochum, Germany - 8th May

Retro Computer Museum Open Day, near Leicester, England - 16th May


If you would like to reserve a ticket to buy from me at one of these events, please get in touch. You can also book online of course.


Also, we have recently confirmed a special guest for the event - do check the website for details :)

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At the weekend I went to a UK retro event (Retro Rewind) and sold 15 Eurocon 2010 tickets there.


This year's Eurocon tickets are selling FAST .. we only have 80 tickets available due to the size of the venue, and have now sold 48 in just 2 weeks !!


I think the event could sell out soon, so if you are planning to attend, PLEASE either


- buy one online

- or, email or PM me to reserve a ticket to buy at Retroboerse (8th May, Germany) or the Retro Computer Museum Open Day (16th May, UK)


There might not be any left after these events...

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All 80 tickets have now been sold or reserved! :)


A full list of attendees is on the Eurocon website - we have 55 coming from England/Scotland and 25 from Germany/Austria/Netherlands.



Wow! It looks like that it will be a BIG event this year! :thumbsup:

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I would have gone but its far too close to Jagfest UK.



That reminds me, all tickets are sold out but we have had a couple returned recently (which have then been snapped up straight away).


If you would like to come but don't have a ticket, please drop me an email and I'll put you on the reserve list in case anyone else drops out.




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