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Things selling as Rare


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I am always tickled by the way people try to get more money for items by slapping the word RARE in the description. I just did a search for "Lunar Pool" on ebay, and found around 10 entries (none had a single bid on them), and then in the middle a couple of people claiming it's rare! WHAT!, it's so rare you can't give them away maybee!.


I have seen this on several games for the Jagaur that are not rare at all!.. Just waiting to find and un-boxed Combat with RARE slapped in it's title now :)

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Here ya go, loose combat labelled as rare.


Hah, I just noticed that this person also wants 7.50$ to ship insured.


What I like about this auction is that the title says 'Rare', the description says it is 'uncommon' on all the sites, yet in reality, we know it is 'common' on every site and book ever in existance. I wonder where this person gets his info.


I like his description though.


"Wow, this game has made it into the collectors world. Wasn't it just yesterday when I was playing it in the arcades and then on my home television set? Well, now it is looking for a good home so someone else can enjoy it for years to come (A new generation perhaps). Atari revolutionized the home video game market."


Combat may have been a little enjoyable at the time, but I couldn't wait to get other carts and now I have the pick of the litter with today's technology. Try Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Awesome game.



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There it is.  I don't know how similar it was to the original 2600 version.



Not even close. Exidy was obviously milking the name recognition factor of millions of Atari owners who already had a free Combat packed-in w/ their system. Nice looking game though.

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Here are the four hardest to find games for the 5200 NIB!!!  :D  



I'll tell you this much sku, I've been having a hard time finding boxed 5200 games. Though I haven't really been looking, but in the wild, I don't come across boxed 5200 games that often. Of course, my friend had someone walk into his store last week with a batch of mint boxed 5200 games. There were also some XT games that I weasled out of him. The 2 games I got for free was Super Cobra complete and Wizard of Wor. I love the XT box art for WoW alot better than the Atari version. Of course it wasn't made by CBS games.



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I know that NIB games are hard to find. My criticism wasn't the listing as rare, but the 34.98 Buy It Now price on them.


That's great that you were able to get some NIB games for free. I only have a few games that are still New In Box: Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Kaboom, Pitfall, Megamania, Zaxxon, Missile Command, Pac-Man, Super Breakout, Trakball, Atari 5200 4 Port System. The last four mentioned were items my wife's father purchased for her back in 1984, put them in the attic, and forgot about. Fortunately, he's a classic pinball machine collector and realized the value of keeping these items in shape when he found them.


Out in the wild, it's getting hard to find any games for a reasonable price. I went to a garage sale very recently, and the seller wanted $20 a game for old Nintendo games that did not have a box or instructions and were far from rare. Too many people think that if something is more than ten years old in the world of computing that it's automatically valuable.


I wish I could go back to the days when Woolworths was selling 2600 games at 50 cents each and snatch them all. (around the time of the great video game crash). Then I could flood the market and drive the prices back down so people who really enjoy these games could once again buy them at a reasonable price. AAAH, hindsight... :D

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