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Game Core April 30th - May 2nd 48 Hours Non Stop Gaming Weekend


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First let me say this is TMGpaul and since chuck will be here promoting Too Many Games I dont want to use that name so I am going back to my original name I made in 05 I think. This is still the same guy though. Now on to the good stuff.....



Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know Game Core 2010 has been announced. The show will be April 30th - May 2nd at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King Of Prussia, PA. All you old school guys will remember this is the venue that Philly Classic called home.


This show is a bit different than our last event as first of all its 3 days long, 2nd it runs from 6pm friday - 6pm sunday. That means 48 non stop hours of gaming. That means at 2am you wanna go play some arcade games you can. If at 9pm you wanna see a screening or a panel or play in an RPG campaign chances are good one of them will be going on.


This year we are teaming up with the guys over at NintendoAge to run there AgeExpo inside of our con. That means all sorts of awesome nintendo related programming going on and maybe some new releases.



We will of course have all the stuff we normally have including tournaments, screenings, our huge marketplace and dealer room (open normal dealer room hours not all weekend) RPG Games, Magic The Gathering Tournaments etc.


Since this is AtariAge I figure you would all like to know one of our first planned tournaments is a 4 player Warlords tournament. We also plan on having more Classic Era games represented at this con. If anyone needs more info or would like to help in anyway or run a tournament let me know.


Check out our website at www.gamecorecon.com

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