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Colour picking


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Due to the differences between the 7800 emulator's palette and the colours seen on the real hardware (both NTSC and PAL) find attached a utility I've written :-





CC2 users will need the following information :-


7800_16K 78BIOS


The utility displays a palette of all 256 colours available. When you press SELECT a flashing cursor appears that can be moved around using the joystick. It displays the hex value of each colour in the top left of the screen. If you press the left fire button the whole screen will be filled with the current colour. Pressing the right fire button or moving the stick will go back to the palette display. Press RESET to go back to the palette display (minus the cursor).


The utility works in NTSC and PAL.

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I didn't know that there was an atari version :(.

Now we have proof that ignorance is not bliss! Take that believers of famous sayings!



I don't see an Atari version of what you made here:




Maybe it exists, but Albert forgot to include it? Darn it! The not knowing hurts my brain! Ignorance is far from bliss! My brain! My brain! :D

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From looking at the screenshots, I apparently have been using the Atari version.

But I like the idea of being able to fill the screen with a selected color.

Actually, that thread that was linked above makes it look like the Atari version can do something similar - I never knew that. I guess I never tried playing with the controls.

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