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Season 5 Week 2 - Gradius (1986)


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gday, can i join in?


Only had time for a couple of goes at it! When does this round end?





Absolutely you can join in. You only had time for a couple of rounds and scored 360,400? That's impressive!


Scores are due for this game by midnight Tuesday night, California time.


Thanks, and Welcome!



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Hey atari2600land (and anyone else having some difficulty),


I made a video of myself playing through the first level. Among other things, it shows how to get past the volcanoes. Instead of trying to dodge the rocks, camp out over the left volcano and shoot like crazy. It's good for around 10,000 points.




BTW, I'll update the scores list later today.



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Thank you for the 2 day grace period. It seems like I'm always running late on about everything.


You and me both. I always intend to enter these HSC's, and usually forget to submit a score. Thus the grace period.


7 hours left for Gradius!! Score list was just updated.



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Sorry starcry, that was too late. These are the final scores:


mihcael      650,900    100%
Starcry      520,400     80%
darthkur     371,700     57%
Jibbajaba    192,000     29%
roadrunner    53,900      8%
LarcenTyler   50,600      8%
atari2600land 31,300      5%



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