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How To Load XB and E/A Files (TI-99/4a)


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Can someone tell me the commands for running Extended Basic and Editor Assembler files on the TI-99/4a? Also, how do you catalog a disk so you can see what files are on there? Do you need Disk Manager for that or can it be done from XB or E/A?



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E/A games are either Option 3 "Load and Run" or Option 5 "Run Program File".

Select the relevant option and enter the name of the program.

For example, to run Submarine Commander from disk 1, select option 5 and enter in upper case:





Extended BASIC games often auto-load. It looks for a file called "LOAD" on disk 1 and runs it if it finds it.

If not, you can use the RUN command as follows:




You can also load and run as follows:






To catalog a disk, beside the Disk Manager module, you can use a program like Disk Manager 2000 which runs under EA.


Most EA3 and EA5 games can be run under Extended BASIC using a tool like YLOAD.



So... you can insert Extended BASIC, load YLOAD and use that to EA3 load Disk Manager 2000.



Really all you need is Extended BASIC.

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My preference these days is Rich Extended Basic (RXB) over standard XB. Under RXB you can simply type CALL DIR("DSK1.") for a disk catalogue, it's very handy and convenient.






Why is the command called OLD? Just seems funny. Must stand for something.

I have wondered the same.... Open Load Device? I really don't know, just guessing...

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Because it was previously saved, making it "OLD"? :)


The disk system on the TI99 is very weird. It is hard to do the most simple tasks.


I haven't tried DM2K yet, but DM2.0 is very useful. I found it strange that it didnt allow for the copying of a file if you have only a single disk drive. Unless there is something I missed?


Does DM2K allow for this?

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