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Season 5 Week 3 - Castlevania (1987)


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322250,this time I died getting crushed by the machines after medusa. I just start getting tired after the second run through and am not as careful as i should be. Thats my final score for the week I love the game but I cant take anymore lol. Im sure not going to be rolling the score anytime soon. Good luck guys. Remember my score does not count or the prizes.

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As there is obviously something wrong with the "timestamps" on the posts here, I don't know exactly when this will end...




So here my preliminary score of 64,720. Can somebody tell me when exactly this will be over? So I can see how much time I've got...



EDIT: Oh, I think I figured it out, there's nothing wrong with the timestamps, I just, as I'm normally used to 24 hour format, did again confuse 12:00AM and 12:00PM (they really should be the other way 'round, shouldn't they??)...


So there's circa 10 and a half hours left by now.

Correct? :?

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Well the week is over As soon as the final are annouced I will contact first place to choose their price and whomever is annouced as the random winner will get the other! Thanks for playing guys. Great game this week. RC PRO am. I suck at it, but its fun!

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Sorry for doing this so late, but here are the final standings after week 3:


starcry	        295
darthkur	189
Jibbajaba	149
mihcael	        110
atari2600land	107
doubleminor	90
arjak	        75
roadrunner	65
LarcenTyler	32
4Ks	        26
Herbarius	20


The week's first prize winner was darthkur, and the second prize winner (chosen at random) was Herbarius! Congratulations, guys!



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