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Strange Atari 5200 Controller Claim


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I emailed a seller regarding this text in their auction for some 5200 controllers.


All membrane keypads were carefully washed and their soft, electrical contact pad surfaces were restored to factory resistance specifications.


I asked " What do you use to measure the factory resistance, and how do you restore it if it's off spec?"


They responded

The actual procedure, specs and the product that is used to restore them are privileged information.


So I guess this is a nice way to tell me a non-answer to my question. I don't know of any specific equipment or products that can do this, anyone here know?? Or is it just hogwash? :ponder:

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yeah you get a multi meter and and you set it to read resistance ohms, and then stick the two probe on either side of the little black dot. on the other hand, you cannot restore them to factory resistance, because once it builds up to a certain point there aint no way back. dont buy from these guys.

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Yeah, so I guess the guy is just embellishing on his listing. He really goes into detail to make it sound like he's doing so much to this controller. :yawn:


He's washing and disinfecting and meticulously polishing and lubricating, oh give me a break! Those are all word from his auctions.


Isn't that like what Jiffy Lube says they do to your car when, and yet you watch them carefully...and they DON'T???? :?


I guess those newbies really eat that junk up, eh? :roll:

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stupid newbies. the 5200 controller is where I started to tinker with clasic video gaming hardware design, i know that controller like the back of my hand, and there isn't really anything in there that would need to be lubricated. unless he's talking about the POTs but it's cheaper, easier, and faster to just throw in new ones. this is a clear case of dubess dorkuss and the seller should be dragged out into the street and shot!

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