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What the f... ?


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I've seen it a few times but not that high. I found that one as you can see by the first bid, thinking I will have to dish out 50-60 bucks for it.


I think these 2 guys "generalhellfire" and "shhrc" are loaded and in some kind of competition. They have pushed quite a few auctions through the roof lately. Why don't they do that to mine ? :?

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What somebody will fork out for something they want really bad, damn the cost, is really shocking sometimes. I have the game already, the controller is nice but not a necessity, and I know I wouldn't pay $200 for it complete in the box. Some people would, that's their choice. *heh*

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Wow--that's pretty expensive. I'm just hoping to wander into that game in the wild and then get the controller for $15 or so from Best Electronics.


Did that auction say some of the money was going to the debt for that Olympic games? If that's the case then the good General can write it off perhaps. I hear Generals have pretty good accountants. :D

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