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SSGC Racer


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One possible reason for limiting the size to 4K was the existence of the Mini Memory cartridge, which was a way to program and run assembly and machine language programs on the TI-99 without having to own that expensive peripherial expansion box. It offered some of the features of the Editor/Assembler module and 4K of CPU RAM which you could fill with your programs. Thus, a program within the 4K limit could fit into the Mini Memory module.


By the way, this reminds me of the fact that I actually never got a prize for that game I entered into that contest even though I finished in the prize ranks. I guess I missed something significant there, but I don't know what it was.


That game also got me invited to the monthly TI-99 meetings in Vienna which took place from January 2011 on. While they were fun, unfortunately I met up with a TI-99 freak there whom I knew from back in the day who invited me to play in his band. Then there was a lot of trouble with that band because he acted in a very weird way and bombarded the other band members with e-mails (I usually had to spend 2 more hours per week to reply to at least 4 mails per week from him, in addition to many more which didn't need replies). There was also trouble with the International TI-99 meetings he regularly attended in that he wanted to go there along with others and then tried to organize the journeys in a strange way causing a lot of problems each year. Finally the International meeting for 2014 was set in Vienna, and he wanted our band to play there, but the attendants of the TI-99 meeting voted against a band playing there. Still he acted as if we would in fact play there and accused the organizer of both meetings being unable to properly organize an International TI-99 meeting. This is where I had enough and left both his band and the TI meetings for good. At that point I also pretty much scaled back on my TI-99 activities.





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i am very curious to try this game but i have some problem when i try to play with it... will it only work using overdrive and not on the real TI99 ?

or maybe i missing to understand something ?

No, it will run on the real TI-99... at least the version in this thread will. It's only running kinda slow (about 2 seconds per frame) due to the amount of calculations going on.


I've created another compiled version of it in another thread (about the XB compiler) which runs considerably faster (several frames per second), but doesn't work without a RAM expansion.

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