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Deadly Premonition


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Seriously a hysterical game. If it were meant to be taken seriously, then the writers/editors need to keep their day jobs. In any case, it's not half-bad of a game, it just enjoys making fun of itself way too much.


Let's look at the facts:


- The main character, York, is an FBI agent with an imaginary friend, named Zach.


- York has dreams about some crazy Alice In Wonderland mess.


- Every animation is over dramatized.


- While driving, York likes to talk to Zach about superfluous things. Once, he made fun of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.


- York gets side-tracked easily. Once, while discussing a case file, he just busts out like "This biscuit is delicious! Where can I find some of these in town?"


- Half of the police force is homosexual. The other half is made of women and George (I think George is the killer!).


- The zombies come out of nowhere. I think York is tripping. >.>


Anyways, yeah. Just sharing the hilarity that is probably a serious mock of Resident Evil.

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