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Any interst in a "free" 25" Sony TV w/ RGB input?

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I know, there is a marketplace here... but I figured maybe it'd be better to just post this here since it's a more localized forum section.


Hey, So I've got a 25" Sony KV25XBR that I've decided I need to let go of one way or another... it'd probably be a really nice 25" RGB monitor if not for having what is probably(so I've been told) a cold solder joint somewhere on the vertical circuitry. When I got it it had a bad cone filter and had been in storage for a while... I got the cone filter replaced and it worked well for a few years... the CRT is in pretty nice condition.


I originally got it with the intentions of making use of the analog RGB input on it, but I could never get time to do it... Eventually the screen started shrinking down to a flat horizontal line... It's been unplugged since it started doing that so it didn't have time to burn out or damage the CRT.


After the problem came up I decided I was only going to get it fixed if I could get an RGB signal into it through the proprietary multi-rgb input on the back... this didn't work and I actually found that one of +5 volt pins didn't have any voltage... so there are probably more problems... bugger.


Anyway if someone actually takes this thing, I'm including the little box I made which mounts over the rgb port by screwing onto a couple unused coax jacks... it plugs into the RGB port and has what I was trying to make a 9-pin VGA socket similar to that found on the original NEC multisync monitors... Has a switch mounted in it for switching between digital and analog RGB too.


I'm giving this thing away free... but I'm sure you won't find a repair shop that will touch it for less than $150. I can also throw in a CD with schematics and service docs if you feel confident in working on it yourself.


I'll probably end up taking it to REPC where it will end up getting recycled Sometime later in the Summer... in the meantime, if you find this post sometime between now and September and I havn't responded to say it's gone, then it's probably still available.

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I'll be going to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in September, so if anyone who's going or is somewhere on the way there should want it, there is that opportunity.


[edit] Someone has laid claim to this TV set and is intending to pick it up at PRGE... so.... it's gone, assuming reasons don't occur for them to back out.

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