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April Meeting?

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I have what I like to call the "Instant Master System Collection". Its a system, a controller, a gun, some decent games, Phantasy Star, Outrun, etc. I'm interested in trading for NEC stuff or Sega stuff from other eras. Make me an offer.


BTW, I was thinking about visiting Mirai tomorrow as well. This is a small Japanese book store in Novi where I buy magazines like Option and Newtype. They also have used manga, some of which is game related. Its not really classic game stuff, but I thought I would mention that I was going there in case anyone cared (I assume not). Its also next to a Japanese grocery store, in case anyone like gross seafood and bland candy. Its about 15 min from Marvin's, and sorta on the way to Tempest's place, if nobody is interested I can go myself on the way there, or if someone is interested I can take them in my car for the detour (its a two seater).

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What's ths time table?


1pm at marvins until ????

Eating (where and when)

Tempest's game fortress (time). :)


I can come... But have to be home later so my wife can have a girl's night out.


Usually, we'll game for 2-3 hours then grab some food. I don't think a restaurant has been decided on, but there are plenty of choices down Orchard Lake Rd. in Farmington. In the past we have arrived at the host's house between 6:00-7:00 and gamed for another 3-4 hours.

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I think most of us know at least someone else that is attending, but should we have some sort of signage? Perhaps a name tag that says, "My name is Aftermac, ask me how" ?


These suspicious looking folks below (minus Mrs. Jboy and Dalum - all the way to the right) are who you should be looking for if you haven't met any of us. I'm all the way on the left. I'll probably be wearing an Atari hat and shirt, similar to the picture.



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Great time even if I do remind some people of the guy from That One Show!

That wasn't you, that was the other guy. I think he came with Eric.




Eric came solo. LOL

Ok, then I'm not sure who he came with. He was the guy playing with the 'adult' game on the mame cab. :)


Sorry I can't remember his name, I'm terrible with names.



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