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Deathspank by Ron Gilbert


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The man the myth the legend says he has left Hothead games. Wherever he winds up, I'll be there to play his games. (For those who don't know. He's the main man behind classics Maniac Mansion and Secret of Monkey Island.)




I can't wait to try this game out.





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My super mini review: :P


Played it and also played it local co-op with my semi-gamer girlfriend.


It's basically a cross between a Lucasarts adventure and a Diablo clone like Torchlight except you can bring a friend along on your quest kind of like Fable. It also has funny choice dialogs like Maniac Mansion and Secret of Monkey Island whenever you speak to NPC's.


The second player plays a wizard who has no stats but "levels" enough on his own to help you. Its an extremely easy game to get into with help everywhere so ANYONE can play it but interestingly its got a lot going on. The one worry I had was if the other player would get bored playing but because of the witty dialog and all the quests it hasn't happened yet. :)


For one thing, the NPC's give you a ton of quest's like I mentioned (some of them hilarious) so there's plenty to do. Some quests are silly like collecting chicken lips and others are a little more traditional like retrieving a magic crystal shard. You also find tons of items with different features like in Baldurs Gate or Diablo.


The combat is easy, it's hack n' slash with items assigned to slots and what not and the graphics are nice. You can zoom in and out as well with the right analog stick.

Also, one cool feature is you can equip and use four different weapons each tagged to a button on the controller (green, yellow, red etc).


The only "negatives" I found are:

- Its a Diablo clone so some people may still get a little bored with the mechanics.

- The main character is funny and loud. I love the dialog and the voice actor is great but it does get tiresome only because he reads his lines a little slow. Hard to explain.

- The other player can definitely get bored if they are a younger player or who do not care about reading\listening to dialog (even if its funny).



Great game and I think its worth the 15 bucks because you don't get games with this much content for 15 bucks anyway. I'd have to say some of the reviews out there, the 8's and the 8.5's are on target.

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