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Flashcard solution for Apple II?


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Just ordered one of these. Any word on subdirectory support?


I just ordered yesterday, as well! I will post the announcement (which I got in email) at the end of this post.



On the subdirectory support: I had emailed "Rich" (the proprietor) in NOVEMBER 2011:

I was curious about whether or not directories on the CF card will be supported? Someone on Atariage.com, in this thread.......


......said (page 3 of the thread) that directories are not supported, and they hope they will be? One guy said:

"Then I copied the contents of DSK to the root of the card and it wasn't even able to display all the As. I'm definitely going to need nested

subdirectory support on this thing."


I was just curious, if that may be in a future feature list.


To which, the same day, Rich replied:

Directory support is at the top of the feature

list. I want it too.


In the first release the max image count is

256 and they have to all be in the root.

If a user plans to have anywhere near that

many images they should use FAT32 because

it allows for more directory entries in the root

than FAT16 does.







Here's what prompted me to order, received in email FRIDAY JUNE 15, announcing availability of the 2nd

run of CFFA3000:





CFFA3000 Fans:

We are now accepting orders for the CFFA3000. We have built 500 cards for Run 2, but because of high demand, please limit your order to 1 or 2 cards per customer and/or address.

There are two products listed on the web site:

1) The CFFA3000 (US$149.95) which includes a manual on CD-ROM.

2) Optional accessory: CFFA3000 remote switch and cable (US$19.95).

The remote switch is not required to use the CFFA3000, but is useful for people who use multi-disk programs. With this remote you can trigger disk image switching while a program is running. If you don’t have the remote, there are two other ways to deal with in program disk switching:

1) On an Apple IIgs, use the CFFA3000's on-screen menus via Apple-Control-Esc. However, most but not all software allows access to the menus without rebooting.

2) Use separate flash drives for each floppy in the disk set.

To place an order, please go to the following web site:


Once I have received your order, you can follow the status of your order on my web site:


Please note that we will begin shipping orders July 2, 2012. We will ship about 50 units per week so be aware that it will take 3 months or more to ship all 500 boards. Refer to the order status link above for the estimated ship date of your order.

If you have any questions about the board, or issues with the order process, please do not hesitate to contact me at rich@dreher.net

Thank you for your interest,

Rich Dreher

R&D Automation

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Does any of the flash solutions for the Apple 2e, etc.. install and work in the 2gs without problem?

The CFFA3000 works in the Apple IIGS just as well as it does in the Apple IIe. The advantage in the GS is that you can mount images as Smart port devices, so you're not limited to 32MB images with the HFS.FST installed in the GS system folder.

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