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modnation racers


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I've really been impressed by modnation racers. Especially the new(ish) track-editing tutorial video that's popped up on psn (and youtube below). It's *so* easy that it puts to rest my fear that most user-levels will be total garbage.



Certainly a candidate for the best level editor ever.


Endless tracks, and lots of customization--seems like its going the little big planet route for all of us who like racing. Kart racers have been around for a long time, but this one looks really special, and I'm hoping for a demo so I can check out its physics and all the customization.


I don't say it often--but I think I'm willing to go full price on this one. As long as it provides the basics to back up all this fancy stuff, I can't see it being much less than a home run.

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Little Big Planet's level editor was too hard. I almost found it impossible to make a level to be honest, plus the fact you had to buy DLC in order to really get started, was a down side for me.


This looks better, and while it's good to see they copied a lot from LBP, I hope they also learned from their mistakes.

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If it had 4 player split-screen instead of only 2 player split-screen I'd be interested.

I have two recent sources (link1, link2) from links on the front page of the modnation site that say they're up to 4 player splitscreen now. That's a big requirement for kart racing.




ooh, psp version too. I hope it takes the same tracks as the ps3 version. (maybe that's too steep of a request)

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IGN preview



I wonder what 2 player online split-screen is? Two local players can race online at the same time?

that sounds like that's exactly what it is. Heck I might even use that feature. At my age, I can't see myself ever getting 4 people together in one room, but maybe one more locally and some online folks would be doable.

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is this a ps3 exclusive because it reminds me of a pc game out recently that is very similar

It's a PS3 exclusive

well there's the psp version too--but it's sony exclusive.


speaking of that, HammR25, did you preorder the psp verson? You just hit me as more of a console karting fan, but when I checked the deal that's what it looked like. May also want to check that link again too--psp version price dropped.

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I'm not supposed to comment due to a contractual agreement I agreed to, but I've been playing Modnation Racers for three days now because I (and others) received an invite from Sony to test drive the game. All I'll say right now is that this game is incredible fun, Fun, FUN and much better than anything I ever expected!!!


Despite my ongoing war with Sony over their recent actions that I consider poor customer service/relations, I'm swallowing my pride and putting this game on my Must Buy list!!!!




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PS3 demo hits on the 18th



Also Amazon preorders get a $10 amazon game credit and the ratchet and clank mods.

(Amazon link)


I don't see the point in preorders giving away Sony-related tie-in characters for game that lets you design just about anything at the same level of quality. Who'd ever use the bonus characters?

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Well, I got the demo for Split Second and MRN last week, figuring MRN would be my easy favorite and Split Second would be crap. Boy how I was wrong. Split Second was marvelous, and this game.... so far... not impressed. I will be fair, I haven't tried the "build a track" part, which I'll do this week.


However, the actual gameplay was horribly lacking. I didn't much like the weapons, and the UI was a mess. The thing that really bothered me though was the jerky camera behind your character and the drifting mechanic. The "hold the button when you want to drift" didn't work like I figured it would, and felt more choppy, like a quick sporadic change in traction control, not a continuous and smooth drift like Sega All Stars Racing or Mario Kart. I didn't like it, it felt unnatural as if my kart had no momentum around turns and it was up to me to simulate it.


In fact, even graphically, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing trumps this game in every department except for customization. While being able to make your own character and track is great, if the fundamental gameplay and physics are a mess, what's the point?


I thought this was going to be LBP in a kart, but this is far from. I'll give it another shot, but what a let down at this point.

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I've got to say, the drifting/countersteering takes some getting used to. It took me a good while.

It certainly isn't what I would expect coming from the angle of arcade racers or sims, but I think it's a world better than mario kart DS's control pad-destroying style (latest MK I've played). Now I can drift Modnation karts in my sleep, which leads to:


My big problem is that the driving is so unrewarding. It's okay, but it's a bit like plain toast--there's no motivation for me to go back and do it again. With the demo I'm left not especially 'wanting' to drive more than the one track. It's just too effortless, and to make it worse, even the custom tracks I make are kind of 'samey' with those same big, sweeping, predictable corners.


I suspect that the retail game will (sadly) try to fill the 'driving experience' void with unlockables. That's really only half the story though. The reason I still play Gran Turismo 4 isn't because I haven't unlocked everything (I've stopped trying that) it's more because I actually enjoy the process of turning laps in the cars. It's not just a sim thing, motorstorm is the same way with complex, varied tracks and interesting physics.


split second is good though? May have to give it a demo.

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Yea, if you like arcade racers, Split Second is for you. I was one of the advocates of "this game will suck because everything will be predictable". Well, after my 12th time playing the one track in the demo, and I still wanted to play more, I can say I was wrong. There are so many different paths in each level that can be opened up by doing the explosions, it's insane. When I finally thought I'd seen everything, something new appeared the next play around. Some things would be kinda predictable, but not in a bad way. When I'd pass under a helicopter or pass by a gas tank, I'd say to myself "oh God, it's going to blow isn't it?" but it didn't haha. So even when you know what explodes, there's so much to explode, it's not always what you think it will be. Also, even when it does, explosions are avoidable. What I like is that the force of the explosion pushes your car a bit, and if you're not good with regaining control through opposite steering and good braking, you'll crash a 16th of a mile up the road. It's kinda funny to crash from an explosion that's been gone for 10-15 seconds haha.


So there you have it.. it really was something else. Oh and btw, please try Sonic and Sega All Star Racing. It's better than ANY kart racer I've played in well over 10-15 years. It's everything Mario Kart wish it could be. The speed is amazing, the graphics are amazing, and it'll suck you in for hours because the track design and feel of the game is that fun. Don't be fooled by the demo. The demo is MUCH harder than the actual game is. I was wishy washy after getting the demo, but the real game is a freakin' blast.




As far as Modnation goes, I'm glad I'm not alone with how I felt about the game. I really really really wanted to like it, and for a game with SO much press attention, I guess I was just taken back as to how much it sucked. And yea, the problem is exactly how you stated it. I had no drive to want to go and play it again. The tracks looked very bland, and for as much was going on, nothing seemed exciting to look at as I drove by. Maybe I'm spoiled by Sonic and Sega All Star Racing, but there's no point in me buying another kart racer when this one can't get the "fun" department right. I think this is supposed to be fun because of being able to make your own tracks, but as I said before, if the core gameplay isn't fun, what's the point? Besides, I never had enough time to make my own levels in LBP, I always just downloaded other people's levels. If they all feel samey as you said, then what's the point? We'll see. Maybe the real game will be better than the demo, but this demo has convinced me to hold off until I can rent it or at least get it cheap on a price drop.


I'll try it again and let you all know if my opinion changes. It's a shame as I said, but I've got way too many other games to buy than to waste 60 dollars on this.

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I actually went and bought this anyway, and I'm having a lot of fun.


Really online racing and the community that they're trying to create is the best reason I see to get this one. Odd that they didn't attempt to put that in the demo. Modnation has a great lobby/menu system, and already a lot of content to wade through.


I also found myself a challenging enough track--the one currently featured in the 'hot lap' section is quite technical. I even had to tune my kart's control style a bit for it. I like it so much that I downloaded it and am now subjecting people to it in multiplayer :D

That's revenge for the 5-race series of boring drift spirals somebody subjected me to, and then bailed from, earlier in the day.


Offline sucks, after the tutorial track and the demo I never plan on going back to it.

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