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Halo Reach beta?


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Just wondering if anyone here is playing hooky from work/school

to play the reach beta Monday? I'm about 99% sure I'm staying home...


I hope it's not for nothing.... I'm guessing the server's will be over run

with people trying to download at the same time....


soooo who's gonna join me?



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I dunno yet if I am taking off for it, but I might! Any pre-instructions for this? I bought ODST and I believe there was an invite to the beta in that, is that correct? Does this mean I'm in? Is there some code or something?

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I'm really, really surprised that no one here on AA has posted about playing the Beta!!


I've only played a Halo game online a couple of times, so I have no interest in trying the Beta. But two of my son's are raving about how good it is (except they wish the jet packs would be removed), and I'm curious as to what AA'ers think of the game and all of the changes.




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Wow how'd I miss this thread?!


Of course me and Foxy took off work for the beta!!


Love the jetpacks. In fact, I don't think I have tried out any other loadout. Totally takes the game to a new level of playing and strategy (if you care about that). Assassinations are very cool. I don't do them much but am the victim of them quite often. Grenades are very awesome now and a bit more destructive and sound cool.


Complaints: Pretty much all weapons suck except the needler which is overpoweringly wicked and the Hammer. The DMR is ok but I prefer the BR. Pistol is uselss for any long range now, shotgun takes an assload of time to reload, and that new laser/beamy gun looks sweet but takes way too long to kill.


Played with Moycon the other night when he was half in the bag and had a great time. If you guys see us on, join up. Don't be disappointed if we lose alot though.

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