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Superfly DX


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Hi everyone,


Well, its the 'day of Outline 2010' which means we can now take the covers off what we've been doing.


Head on over to the Superfly DX website and start playing.



50/60 FPS gameplay (PAL/NTSC)

Full screen, 11-layer overlapping parallax scrolling.

Pseudo-random terrain generator (Each time you play, while the general trend of the level will be the same, no two levels will be identical)

Two terrain modes - blockers and islands

4 channel music, plus one additional channel for sound effects

4 themed worlds to play in

16 levels spread over the 4 worlds

9 collectable items

16 playable characters & vehicles, (8 with 8 alternates for 2nd player)

4 different game play modes (2 of which are unlockable features)

Story mode with set challenges

Intermissions and Game Complete sequences

Simultaneous 2-player action

Unlockable features earned via in game achievements

Stat Exp load/save without additional hardware

Webcode based highscores for competitive play

Credits/greetings screen with music jukebox

Over 30 minutes of audio


The website will get updated with more info early next week following the party, and the store will be open next weekend (the 8th) - unfortunatly the manuals are still with the printer company, so we are unable to start shipping immediatly. However, we promised you the game this weekend and we will keep that promise.



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Thanks for the positive comments everyone, really means a lot :)


GGN and Sh3 are currently at Outline partying away... wish us luck in the competitions!


Looks awesome, any chance of a cart release?


We've looked into cart releases. Our general opinion is it's not worth making a cart for one game.... maybe down the line we'll release a multicart with all our stuff on it and a menu, but for now we're CD, BJL and .ROM image only.

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Just like other images created with Jaguar ULS, this can also be burnt using Paddus DiscJuggler, available here :-)


any way to post this as a iso? I can't find a free burning program to burn CDI Images. Or has anyone of you a suggestion which program (freeware) to use?

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any way to post this as a iso? I can't find a free burning program to burn CDI Images. Or has anyone of you a suggestion which program (freeware) to use?


As far as I know, ISO files actually just work for data CDs, they don't support audio tracks in my experience.

So using iso files for Jaguar CD games is not possible. :)

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Did you say somewhere how much the collectors edition was going to be and what it includes? Looks great!


Due to the higher quality of the materials used to make the Collectors Edition of Superfly DX compared with Beebris SE, we've had to increase the price by US$5 (It's cost us US$7 more to make, so that's not too bad!) so in total it will be:


USD $23 (For the game) and USD $13 for shipping and handling = USD $36


It will again be in a 2-CD pack (Pictures of the case [bLURAY!] are on the website)



Bootable Jaguar CD of Superfly-DX



This will be a mixed-mode CD containing:



BJL/ROM/CDI image of the game

Soundtrack in MP3 format




CD-Audio tracks of all the music in the game


The manual is a full gloss 8 page booklet.


There might also be some other bits and pieces in the box and on the 2nd CD, time and resources permitting ;-)


Please note, when the store re-opens you will be able to combine an order with Beebris if so you wish (while stocks last) and only have to pay a single shipping and handling charge, making it less expensive to order both games at the same time rather than seperatly.

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This is a very nice game, and very addicting :)

I really like the 2-playermode!


Maybe I missed something, but do you have to write down and enter the code of the unlocked features, everytime you play?

Since this is a CD release, is there no Memory Track support?

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