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Atari 2600 Pause Kit Now Available!


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Was it decided that this will not work on the Colecovision Atari expansion?

I too would like to know the answer to this.


I think it should work in the same way it works on a standard 2600, but you have to trace the board to find out which pin on the coleco TIA IC clone carry the RDY signal needed for the pause board, as the pinout is different from the Atari original TIA and it's not documented AFAIK.

There are different revisions of the expansion module (and coleco gemini as well):

- The 3 chip versions uses stock 6507 CPU and 6532 RIOT plus the coleco TIA. You should be able to find out the needed pin by following the trace from pin 3 of the 6507.

- The 2 chip versions uses a custom 40 pin IC which combines the cpu and RIOT into a single package, and the same coleco TIA clone as the 3 chip version. Here also the combined CPU-RIOT pinout is unknown, so it would be better to trace a 3-chip board first, and once found the pin on the Coleco TIA find out where it connects to the combo CPU-RIOT chip.


Just like the Atari versions, PAL consoles have a different TIA chip, and the pinout could also be different from the NTSC one.


Here are pictures that I found online showing some of the different boards:


expansion module 1:

NTSC 3 chips



NTSC 2 chips



PAL 3 chips





NTSC 3 chips



PAL 2 chips


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