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Alan Wake


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Playing this for the first time this October as a "seasonal" Halloween/horror game. Pretty excited to give it a play-through, it's a major reason I snagged a used XB360.

I happen to be replaying it right now for the same reason. Backward compatible with the Xbox One. This time I'll play all the add-ons, since I beat it before they came out last time and never revisited it. That was a bad move on my part because three game is excellent. Crazy story and good writing. It aspired to Stephen King and in my opinion it did a great job. Good thing I love King's writing.
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I saw Alan Wake in the title and came running!


I'm so mad nobody brought the game on the 360. It got better sales later on due to the PC release but what a fantastic game! One where I wouldn't mind if they released a remaster of it for the One X or PSPro. I'd gladly give up $40 for one.

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