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Need advise regarding music games....GH vs. RB

Paul Humbug

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Okay folks,


after some months with very low XBox activity on my part I decided to give it more time and love before it becomes obsolete :D


Boom Boom Rocket was a secret favorite of mine and my first try at rhythm/music games.


Sure, I knew about GH, RB, and the likes, saw the kids in malls jamming around, even had a chance to play it at someone's house and liked it enough - but never saw the need to shell out the money they were asking for a minimal set.


Now I happened to stumble over the amazon offerings and they got a package of GH -World Tour for less than $40 including the guitar controller. A RB2 complete set can be had for a little less than $90. Sounds like great times to level it up a bit form Boom Boom Rocket and get into "serious" playing.


I read some reviews on both games but would trust more the experience and opinions of the great folks here at atariage.


First things first, it seems that both brands have had their fair share of problems with the controllers in some way or the other.


Can anyone tell me more about the GH controller vs. the RB one?


Gameplay wise, what are the exact differences?


I imagine, after buying any brand, if the controller works with both games I would like to try out more releases. Which controller has best compatibility?


And, I really don't care much about the drums and micro at this point since sadly my gaming is more solitary.


Naturally, the GH offer just sounds amazing for this price and I'm just hoping it isn't utterly crap one way or the other.


Thanks for your input.


Always appreciated.

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Snag the GH set and then buy the Rock Band disk by itself for < $20.

You can use the GH instruments on RB no sweat.

I can't comment on how the instrument compare, we mostly use the microphone only, but the few times I played the others they were just fine. Felt like you were playing plastic instruments.

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I'd get the RB set. I'm not a big fan of world tour, just don't like the setlist. Yes you can use GH drums on RB but it just feels... weird. I love the RB drums soooooo much more than GH drums.


Being this is your first GH/RB type of game, you should be ok playing the RB guitar. I can't stand them, but I have been playing GH since the first one came out on PS2, and I am used to those guitars.


The Rock Band Network is simply amazing. Just about anyone can upload songs and you can buy them for dirt cheap... lots of songs from all kinds of genres on there now, its quite amazing. You can buy new songs every day if you wanted.


Rock band is a better game, has a better drum set. Guitar Hero has the better guitar (This is all in my opinion though).


I can play expert on the easier songs on drums, and on guitar, I play expert everything, so take my review as you like. :D

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My two cents.


Get the GH controllers, way better.

Look at the song lists and see which flavor of music appeals to you. I prefer the RB 2 set list but that's my personal taste.

Finally, they are still releasing RB 2 tracks today, two years after the game was released.


And finally finally, check out the awesome image of the new keyboard screen for RB 3! Man, I am definitely breaking down and getting that game when it releases for the pure "keytar" goodness! I can't WAIT to play White Snake!

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Thanx a lot to all.


Seems, I can't go wrong with the GH controller. For sure, I'm going to try out both franchises, plus Band Hero as well. RB3 looks really sweet and the option to play the keyboard sounds too true to be good.


For now, I ordered the GH combo and I'm excited to see how much I like it and how bad/good I am at it.

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Rock Band is the way to go, especially if you have Live. The amount of DLC songs is insane.


But... if you're patient, you may want to wait for Rock Band 3. It adds the keyboard and will also feature the ability to use a 102-button "pro guitar" controller, which will actually teach you how to play guitar.






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