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Any bullet hell fans? Post here!


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Title says it all. Any shmups fans? Did anyone of you get Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 or Espgaluda 2? How about Decimation X, Beat Hazard or Shoot 1UP in the XBLA Indie games? Not to mention Ikaruga, Triggerheat Exelica or 1942 in XBLA?


Any of those games are amazing... And above all, Deathsmiles, the first cave port to the US.... EVER... is June 27th! I'm painting my X360 purple to match the faceplate.


Anyone else looking forward to Deathsmiles? I also did some recorded runs...


Don't mind the happy hardcore in the videos... <_<


Decimation X


Enjoy, and who else plays, if you do, post some videos!


You can bet there will be videos of some Deathsmiles when it comes to be playable.

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I pre-ordered Deathsmiles.

Admittedly not because I love bullet hell games so as much as I love limited edition faceplaces!! (A rarity these days)


I also love the faceplate soooo much. I'm painting my X360 metallic purple just to match it.


EDIT: Whoops, I did say that in the OP. Sorry...

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