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The Return of.... DUKE!


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I'm still smiling after the announcement that the man... the icon.... Duke Nukem, is returning to XBLA in just two weeks. Duke Nukem: The Manhattan Project is not a FPS but instead is an excellent "return to roots" side scroller that I enjoyed the hell out of a few years back.


"Come, get some!"






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Nice! It's good to see they are bringing this to a console..


I think you can still buy this one on PC via DD on the 3D Realms website for something like $6. I believe it is also available on GOG.com.


Hopefully the XBox Live version will include some extras like achievements, a slight upgrade to the graphics and sound, and perhaps some new content?

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Anyone play the demo or buy this game yet??


I bought it yesterday and am having a total BLAST!! The game looks and plays great, while the secret areas are as well hidden as ever! As Duke says, "@#$%^&*#@ key cards"


Ten minutes into the game and I already won an avatar T-shirt and two achievements!! Whooooooo!!




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