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Transformers: Battle for Cybertron multi-demo


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So I grabbed the multiplayer demo for the new Transformers offering and while I'm not huge on multiplayer, here are my initial impressions based on about 45 mins of play and getting my skidplate handed to me pretty regularly...


First of all, I do like the Transformers franchise quite a bit, and for those who pay attention, I've been half-heartedly jonesing for this title in previous posts. The character models look great, and it is a good and glorious thing. The environment is a nice fusion of the origami Michael Bay-formers with the classic look that old-schoolers are used to.


There are only two of the four classes available at this point, the soldier (tank) and the scout (car). I played as the scout hoping the improved speed would buy me an edge here and there. I was very wrong about that. A lot of the time, I wandered about the map just a little lost and never sure if the character I was about to open fire on was friend or foe until the reticule turned red.


The option to transform is pretty cool and does have an impact on how you fight in the arena. You have a limited amount of vehicle and handgun ammo and you can occasionally pick up dropped weapons for extra fun. The trick for me was staying alive after you pick them up.


You also have a leveling system in the game -- I really don't play much online, but my impression is that this is a derivative of the Team Fortress class system and the Modern Warfare series. (Or was it call of duty? Honestly they all seem way too similar to me.)


Anyway, Penny Arcade gave the demo a quick plug as well. Check it out if you like 3rd person shooters that remind you of the Modern Warfare series.

Anyone else trying this? Thoughts?



[ Just wants the hurting to stop... ]

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Eh, I'll probably check it out, though I don't have much hope for it after the first Transformers game.


As a side-note, Modern Warfare is a 2-game series inside of the Call of Duty series. It's all the same thing. =]

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I usually dont do trade ins, but this one intrigues me, and I will be getting it day one from Gamestop with with the shockwave download code.


I also want to give props to this game being SMART and coming out over the summer and not getting clogged with the BIZILLION of games that are coming out over the holidays.

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I was pretty excited about this game. The pure Cybertron setting. Featured favorites such as Soundwave, Shockwave, Jetfire, and others. The create your own Transformer feature. The return to more classice style designs instead of the shitstains from the two recent not-Transformers movies. All these things had me pretty jazzed and ready to order the game.


Then I played the demo. I'll wait until it dropps to $20, which should be about 3 to 4 months after release.

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