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Networking joys with Vista and 360 .... Aargh!


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Had an idea for a simple yet useful service and product for the Indie community and set up an XNA Creator's Club membership on my Elite. The Elite is wired up to the router. The PC, where obviously the development will take place, is connected wirelessly to the router through an ASUS eeePC 4G Netbook (the biggest pile of junk we have in the house but at least it's proven useful for something). The netbook itself has Linux on it.


I have to connect the PC this way at the minute because I don't have any spare wireless cards or adapters lying around (I have one but it's stopped connecting to our router for some reason). Before I can do any dev work I need to get the PC to connect to the 360. I'm at a loss as to why Vista isn't picking up the 360 from the router. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the fact that the PC is connecting to the router through the netbook's wireless connection.


It's a slightly unusual configuration but I was wondering if anyone here might have an idea what the issue could be.

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