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I don't know if you remember my single color sprite design tool named "Patterns" with output targeted at TI Extended Basic. Now comes "Beryl" (working title). "Beryl" is a multi color sprite designer with output targeted at Assembler.


"Beryl" is still beta. Having a shared catalogue would be nice though. Functionality will most likely be kept, but design will surely be refreshed. And I guess it might have a few bugs or something.


I hope it is relatively intuitive. You choose background and foreground colors at the top. There's a few buttons at the left. Invert flips background and foreground colors. Double/Single and Fill/Draw are like modes. Clear resets those modes - while trying to recreate some speech synthesis in the process.




Output is like this


DATA	>0C06, >2177, >2517, >0905	; color 1 black
DATA	>0709, >1121, >41E2, >1538
DATA	>3060, >84EE, >A4E8, >90A0
DATA	>E090, >8884, >8247, >A81C

DATA	>0000, >0000, >0200, >0000	; color 3 light green
DATA	>0000, >0000, >0001, >0000
DATA	>0000, >0000, >4000, >0000
DATA	>0000, >0000, >0080, >0000

DATA	>0000, >0000, >0000, >0000	; color 10 dark yellow
DATA	>0006, >0E1E, >3E1C, >0800
DATA	>0000, >0000, >0000, >0000
DATA	>0060, >7078, >7C38, >1000


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Previously Owen actually asked me to keep the sound and theme, so in it went again. Of course these gimmicks as such are not going to be in a final version. I always liked a nice effect or something though. I've gone over the top with the latest update and done some really silly stuff.


And then I slightly rearranged the buttons. Google tells me it more natural or common to have the order of scroll like left, right, up and down. In Danish it's right first and left second - apparently. Will be adding icons later.


The Double/Single and Fill/Draw has been merged into Draw/Double/Fill. The Double and Fill at the same time was just an odd effect (having like a ghost fill appear).


Link to this multicolor sprite editor



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Sometimes, I thank you so much for this editor. I mean--- you can obviously change it as you see fit--- and the consensus seems to be to drop the thematic stuff for a more basic format. I like the music and ridiculousness alot, probably because I'm a closet geek with an inferiority complex about the Beryl game. So many brilliant games to match up with... At least Adam doesn't have his own themed SPRITE editor!! Hahahaha!! :rolling:

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So--- I'm at a point (graphically) where I'm designing all my quest items and enemy characters. I was just curious about the "export" feature--- whether you have had much time to work on this. Anyway---just bumpin your thread. :)

I've been away on vacation without access to computers/internet. Been putting down a few ideas on paper, but actually more related to other TI projects. Load and Save is meant to handle your sprite project as GIF(/PNG). Export is probably not more than the clipboard output saved to a file.



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I can't get the clipboard feature to work. It appears to be ghosted and unresponsive. Am I doing the wrong thing? Sorry if it's a RTFM deal. :)

The most likely reason is you using an old version.


1. Download

If you have downloaded the swf file, get the latest version 0.10 at my site.


2. Browser

If you're using it through a browser, you have to go to my new host. I haven't been able to update my site on the old host in over a month, and Mark Wills have been kind to start hosting my site. I've asked for my old site to be deleted, and that hasn't happened yet.


3. Browser cache

Try and update the page or delete the version in cache.


I better start looking at load and save, so you won't have to redraw manually whenever you want to retouch or something.



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