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360 Slim?


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So, are the new slim 360's actually out yet? I see the commercial for them. 250GB hard drive, built in Wi-Fi and HDMI.


Does anyone know how these compare to Jasper units yet?


too early to tell. supposedly the insides are very similar to the non-slim models but any rrod or failure problems won't truly be known for a couple months.

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The inclusion of an x-clamp makes the insides similar? There is a giant difference between the previous 360's and the slim. The CPU and GPU have undergone a die shrink and have been combined into a single component and there is a large fan mounted to the heatsink. If anyone doesn't see the significance in that they don't really understand these components, the 360, or the RROD. "The insides are very familiar"? No. They aren't.


Besides that, the thing is ridiculously quiet. I finished up Bioshock last night (finally) and I couldn't get over how quiet the thing is compared to me early model.

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