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Getting New FB2 Joysticks

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I spent yesterday on atari's (Infogramms) website trying to figure out how to contact them. They have gone out of their way to make this as difficult as posible. Instead of buying more old used joysticks off of ebay I figured I might be better off Asking Atari if I could just buy like four replacement joysticks off of them. Dose anyone know Atari Supports E-mail address?

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I don't know if they can help you with an original FB2, since they are currently supporting the Flashback 2+. I checked the support portal and no results came up for Flashback 2. You're better off ordering a lot of controllers on Ebay since a secret code allows you to play paddle games. Here's the code: Press up 1 time, pull down 9 times,up 7 and down 2. You have to enter this steadily, too fast or slow and it won't work. Enjoy the paddle games. ;)

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