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Holy Crap! Why do they do this?


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My ethernet port died on my xbox so I'm currently using a refurbished one I had sitting around that I was going to give to my sister but never got around to it.


I have red dead redemption installed on the hard drive because it accesses the disc a lot. I put the disc in the system and tried playing it and it says I can only have the game installed to one system at a time and that I need to delete it and reinstall it to play it.


Uhhhhh, why would I need to do that when the freaking game disc is already in the console?

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That's BS, especially considering it's 10+ minutes to do the HDD install. To be fair, if it's for honest purposes, then you should still have the game to do the reinstall with. It's probably the DRM crap that keeps the games from working on other consoles. I'd say something about loosing the few live games I got when Iget my new Xbox, but when it comes down to it, I never playe them anyways, so F(censor) them.

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