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Atari's Beavis & Butthead

Gregory DG

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According to the article, the game was never released. It would have been interesting to see if this game would have done well. I have the Beavis and Butthead screensaver which is fun to watch but I don't think anyone could put up with their antics for an entire game.

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The game was in the Milpitas office. It was VERY bad. You walked down the street fighting bad guys with weaponary that you picked up including pop which let you burb at people, a yoyo that you hit people with, something that made you fart, etc. At the end of each level there was a boss. Other than B&B there were none of the rest of the characters. The bad guys were just gross people. It was so unfun. I love(d) B&B at the time but this game was just plain horrible! At the end, you flew off to Uranus to fight someone.

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Whoa! You just confused three different things...


Beavis and Butthead was an ARCADE machine.


Cuttle Cart is for the 2600


No way in hell this is going to run on the Jag.  If I recall correctly it ran off of modified 3DO hardware.




Take it easy man.


Just cuz you are Mr.Know it all, doesn't mean that you got a right to be so harsh.

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