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The little brother of the Intellivision: Unisonic Champion 2711


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Sorry about this, my web site was infected by a $%?$%?$ virus and Google virus alert was

intefering with my web site. Now my web site has come back from the "dead" status and

virus free.


If there is anything on my web site that's not properly working, please let me know.

Thanks very much! :)


--- Sly DC ---

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Hey all,


I thought this might be of interest to the wider group. Following requests to "go make a game", my next project happens to be a game... well, kind of.

I have ported the code that runs the Unisonic Champion to the Intellivision.

You can download a ROM for "Li'l Bro", a Unisonic Champion Simulator for the Intellivision and read all about it here on the programming forum:






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I wanted to revive This Thread and ask if an emulator has ever been created for the system or the games? I have a box one with all four cartridges and was thinking about trying to figure out how to come up with the money to have this done finally so it can be preserved once and for all. Ben heck said he would do it but it would cost me several hundred dollars to get it all done. Is there anybody that could do this other than him possibly cheaper? And is there any way to build a cartridge dumper easily? Would really like to see this happened so any input would be greatly appreciated.

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