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October Meeting

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Bring it. I don't know how may (if any) Harry has.


Also, if anyone has a hacked PSP, it would be great if you'd bring that too. I want to try two player Gundam Extreme Versus in two player mode. If you have an unhacked PSP and never use it, we can try to make it work. The process will break your ability to use the online store until you reverse it though, just so you know.

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Yeah, more people backed out than what showed up. I'm swimming in unused Halloween candy here, and will be for some time since letting kids trick or treat these days is evidently about as popular as letting them play with dynamite.


The next one should be in January, so hopefully the winter isolation will drive people out about about.


I did have a good time playing fighters on the projector though. Its been long time since I've done that.


Also, I've agreed to buy Tempest's consolized MVS, so some good things came of it.

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