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Where's ESPN?


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Well, after hearing the announcement months ago that ESPN would be streaming to the 360, I decided to look into it... only to find that it's not expected until November or even next year. Now, pardon my ignorance, but don't most people watch ESPN to catch SPORTS? And by delaying it until November or more, they're missing half the pro football season and almost the entire NCAA season. Where is the sense in that? Why launch a sports service and do so only after you've missed your chance to showcase football season... with football being arguably the most popular sport in the USA and certainly in the top 3.


Not to mention that the lack of a firm release date strongly suggests this project is being thrown together without much planning.

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Isn't it only going to be the same content as ESPN3?

Yep it'll be ESPN3.


It'll probably happen in November along with the Xbox Live Gold price hike. It's also probably timed with people buying new Gold subscriptions for Xmas. I'm not sure exactly why that makes it seem like it's just thrown together.

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