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Houston Arcade Expo - October 8th/9th


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To everyone who's going, I have a growing box of dead hardware that I haven't had the heart to throw away. Random 8-bit and 16-bit consoles, lots of controllers in various states of disrepair, even some dead classic computers and peripherals. Would anybody be interested in taking it, or even only some of it off my hands? There'd be no charge, just gratitude for helping me clear out my closet.

Don't know if you've checked the schedule or not, but there's a free parking lot swap-meet Saturday from 8am-noon. You might be able to clear everything out even if nobody here wants any of it.

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Pretty sure I am going again this year, as usual.


I didn't make the swap meets in the previous years, but I am interested in checking out any old console/computer stuff that might be there. Some of you guys have been discussing it. Maybe we should start listing things here that we are looking for or are going to bring (like what FujiSkunk did).


Does anyone need a GINORMOUS box for an Atari 5200? I have an Atari 5200 box that practically has its own room in the house. I'd like to move it as I only really need the console itself. I believe I have the proper cardboard boxes for the AC adaptor, RF switch and controllers. (FYI, this box is for a 4 port Atari 5200).


Maybe I should start posting pictures of stuff here...

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Trust me, it wasn't a case of not wanting to go. But my weekends tend to get busy as it is, and having to drive through downtown (freeway or not) on a Friday night is not appealing. SpiceWare, you know very well Houston traffic can be an absolute nightmare.


I believe the I-10 Eastbound freeway from downtown was closed the past 2 weekends. So driving through downtown this past 2 weekends was a nightmare.

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I made it Friday night at door's opening. All I can say was that I truly enjoyed it! I played just about every machine that was there twice. Heck, even the 2600's and 5200's were fun. I didn't spend anytime on the 360, not my style, but did enjoy watching the "new" generation shred GH. I did notice that the crowd wasn't too big, even around 8pm there seemed to be a bunch more there. I finally had to leave around 12:30, work calls. I wish I could have gone Saturday, but my work interfered and didn't get home until late that night. I did get some photos, and will try to upload the good ones I have for everyone's enjoyment.


Emory Lehman

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Just got back from Houston. I took quite a few photos, and I'll sort through them this week and post them up when I can. The classic consoles saw quite a bit of use, including by many young attendees who were surely playing these games for the first time. I had a mix of original games and homebrews set out for the 2600, 5200 and 7800. Also had two ColecoVision systems setup, an XEGS, and others brought a CDTV and a Genesis. In total there were 14 systems setup in the classic gaming area (5 2600, 2 5200, 2 7800, 1 XEGS, 1 CDTV, 1 Genesis). There were also some classic gaming tournaments, using an NES, Genesis and 2600, but those were setup in the tournament area and I was not involved with them.


Great show, had a chance to play plenty of pinball and video arcade games, including several pins I'd never played before (old and new). Saw two pinball machines with smoke coming out the top, an old electromechanical machine and a Williams Flash (which I ran over to and unplugged as smoke was pouring out the top and left a strong electrical burning smell in the room for a while). I like the new location as it was fairly spacious inside (which may partially account for while it may not have seemed quite as crowded) and it's not a five mile walk to your hotel room as was the case with the previous location.



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