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Plants Vs. Zombies.....


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.... is as addictive & fun a game as was ever made. I see that it is now available for 1200 points on XboxLive but am curious about one thing: if the download is available today, why doesn't the disk version release until Sept 28th???


I'm going to download the demo and give the 360 version a try. But if I decide the game is worth the money, I'm going to wait and buy the disk based version. Its only $4 more plus it includes Peggle and Zuma for free. AMAZON PAGE




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There's a lot of cool looking Live games out right now but unfortunately for the developers of these games I'm done paying more than 800 points for one. I just wait for the deals of the week. Last games I bought were last weeks Galaga Legions for 400 and Zeno Clash for 800

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I bought this game for the PC, and still haven't gotten around to opening it. It's one of those I bought before I got World of Goo is the only reason I have it, but it looks fun, I'll have to try it eventually...after all, I already bought it.


As for prices, I never supported buying DLC or digital games, but I do know that all live games were basically $5 with a few 'premium' titles being as high as $10.


This whole $10 almost flat rate for everything and stuff going up from there comes from people supporting digital, sorry, but as long as it gets good support, you can expect the prices to continue to creep higher.

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