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Vectrex: STIP: futur platform game...or not


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Coming back from Apeldoorn, Holland, where there was a retrogame event


Martijn from revival studio



showing his new releases

an updated version of Color Clash

and the sport game V Hockey


I saw different demos

including a racing game


and overall a platform where the...platforms are vectorial, and the characters are bitmap (and well animated), the gameplay is not done yet

but 4 different overlays have been made , one of each level

he doesnt know yet if he will finish the game and even less if he will release it

seeing that selling a boxed game with 4 overlays would cost 100 euros

would you be ready to pay that amount ?










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I love the Vectrex and its games but that would have to be the mostest, greatestest playing game for what would end up being near $200 for me (in the States) to order. I like that the guy is making overlays, that's a great incentive for someone like me to buy it. But for that price I'd want an actual box (not a plastic VHS tape case) and instructions, too.


Since he's in the detailed overlay making mood, see if you can convince him to make a version of Joust that we pleebs could actually own.

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